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Why millennials love Sniffle.

Do you ever wonder how to connect better with millennial patients? Does it seem like they are constantly moving, eager to get back on their feet, and often skip their appointments? According to a study by Salesforce, telemedicine might be the answer! Sixty percent of millennials support the telemedicine movement to reduce in-person appointments, and 71% of millennials would like their provider to offer an app that schedules visits, shares health data, and manages preventative care.

Understanding the Millennial Population.

Millennials are often characterized as being optimistic and healthy, but did you know that many millennials suffer from stress and sleep deprivation, contributing to obesity, anxiety, and other health conditions? In fact, 28% of millennials do not have a primary doctor, and 40% of millennials do not have a relationship with their primary doctor. In addition, millennials are likely to delay seeing a doctor because of cost.

Millennials have watched and thrived in the rise of the on-demand economy, such as ordering an Uber and having it arrive in less than 10 minutes or expecting two-day delivery from Amazon Prime. So, why should they wait a month to get an appointment with a doctor? Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell, a family practitioner and a millennial, shares that her generation is all about convenience and preventative health. Since they don’t want to see a doctor in person, they want to stay healthy.

Because millennials don’t feel as tied to one doctor as patients from older generations do, this population segment has contributed to the rise of retail clinics and urgent care center usage—for better or worse. Millennials want convenient care. Simple. This leads to them not forming strong bonds with their primary provider.

So how should doctors approach this population?

It’s essential to meet millennial patients where they are—a mobile app. Millennials are accustomed to smartphones and convenience, and they’re turning to telemedicine for instant medical advice.

  • Millennials want to have a doctor’s appointment remotely instead of having to take time out of their day and wait hours at a clinic.
  • Millennials are comfortable adopting new technologies and embrace on-demand services.
  • Easier access to providers will motivate millennials to seek treatment sooner.

If you’re a primary care provider, the telemedicine movement is a great way to stay in contact with existing millennial patients, as well as meet new ones! Because 60% of millennials support telemedicine alternatives, more patients will be looking for providers through telemedicine services. By using Sniffle, you can find and treat millennial patients and capture them to become in-clinic patients.

Ready to meet your patients via Sniffle? Download the app and get started today. When your patients ask for Sniffle, answer! Being flexible with your patients’ preferences can pave the way to stronger patient-provider relationships.

 By using Sniffle, both doctors and millennial patients WIN!