Ready to Get Started with Sniffle?

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out which profile type you should use. Sniffle serves two main types of healthcare professionals: providers and clinics. Most users will need only 1 profile type, but private practitioners may need both. Keep reading to learn more.


You should create a Provider Profile if you:
Are a physician, NP, or PA with a valid medical license
Want to directly provide virtual healthcare to patients via conducting telemedicine appointments
Own a private practice, are employed by a clinic that uses Sniffle, or intend to practice on Sniffle as a sole proprietorship


You should create a Clinic Profile if you:
Work in an administrative position within a healthcare organization that has an EIN and an NPI-2
Want providers in your organization to be able to practice virtual healthcare as part of your organization
Have been authorized by your organization to represent the group on Sniffle and to manage the appointments, records, and all other information associated with the providers and patients affiliated with your Sniffle clinic

Private Practitioners


If you are a provider who owns a private practice, you should create both a Provider Profile for yourself and a Clinic Profile for your business.

By affiliating your Provider Profile with your Clinic Profile, you will be able to conduct appointments as part of your business entity. Plus, your patients will be able to find you by your name or by your practice’s name.

You may create either your Provider or Clinic Profile first. Afterward, add the other profile to your existing account at any time.

Your clinic can contain as many providers as you want. If you have other providers on your staff, they should start by creating Provider Profiles. Then you can add them to your Sniffle clinic.

You can also authorize another member of your staff to create and manage your Sniffle clinic account.