Together we can improve healthcare.

Sniffle is a virtual care platform strengthening continuity of care between patients and their trusted providers. Powered by doctors and supported by tech, we’re enabling people to get diagnostic information in just a few taps with our Aignosis and receive care from you, their providers.

Get started in minutes—see your patients or add new ones.

See patients faster

Sniffle uses automated credentialing for easy and fast setup. You and your providers can set up your practice, connect to over 800 payers, deliver prescriptions, and complete your billing codes all within the app.

Set your own prices

Get paid directly by patients through Stripe, the in-app merchant account processor, and by your payers through your normal billing processes. The Sniffle app automatically sets you up to accept all major credit cards, including HSA cards. You retain control and set your own prices.

We promote your practice

We invest in your Sniffle success through emails to your patients, a personal webpage, blog posts, and more.

What is Sniffle’s Aignosis?

Aignosis: The process of identifying a disease, condition, or injury from its signs and symptoms through the use of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Machine learning.

Sniffle’s Aignosis is created with physicians, scientists, engineers, and over 10 million patient visits to provide maximum accuracy.

Marketing services to promote your practice.

We make it easy to enhance as well as build your practice. Our marketing services help you promote Sniffle as your latest patient-centric technology.

We’re ready to invest in your Sniffle success.

Sniffle is the simple, common-sense solution for our new normal.

  • Online platform and mobile app focused on virtual care—vital in the pandemic and post-pandemic world.
  • Perfect for patients with travel issues, dependent care issues, weakened immunity, contagious symptoms, and those who cannot leave work during office hours.
  • Gives you and your patients freedom and flexibility without the narrow restrictions of other telemedicine sites.
  • Collects payment, including Medicare, insurance, or credit card, directly in the app.
  • Works on any web-enabled device with a good internet connection.
  • Takes advantage of the widespread acceptance and insurance coverage for virtual visits.

Clear, simple interface

Patients enter their medical history and insurance information directly in the Sniffle app. It’s secure and HIPAA compliant.
Easy-to-follow clinical workflows
Document your notes and record your diagnosis during the live call with our dynamic charting features.

Fully reimbursable medical consultation

The secure Sniffle video platform and electronic medical record create a virtual medical clinic.

It’s easy to try Sniffle today.

You can get started in minutes without any payment or commitment required. We promise!

Together, we’re improving healthcare.

Patients want convenience.

The app is always there when your patients need it. Whether they’re Sniffling their symptoms for an on-demand Aignosis, or booking a virtual visit with YOU.

The future of healthcare is here.

Technology has elevated telemedicine from uncommon to essential. Make it a part of your practice.

Virtual care made vital.

The best apps are intuitive. Sniffle is easy to use and easy to incorporate into your practice, without the time or cost of extensive training.

The Sniffle Tech Team is focused on service.

We are constantly honing and updating our features and processes to support the needs of patients and providers.