Patients are Losing Patience

From rising costs to waiting weeks for appointments, managing care can become a frustrating experience for many. At the same time, patients have become more aware of the convenience of virtual care. In fact, according to a recent study, 92% of patients* shopping for providers now expect them to offer a virtual care option. Many patients and providers see the value in virtual care for the future of health and Sniffle is here to deliver AI-driven convenience, access, and information. It’s all part of one virtual care ecosystem and unlike anything else.

* According to an October 2022 study by


Adding Sniffle is Pain-Free

Sniffle makes it easy for any provider to launch a virtual care practice. First, it’s the only app of its kind that providers can set up entirely by themselves. You can integrate your practice workflows and start seeing patients within 24 hours. Plus, checking patient eligibility and managing appointments are both simpler than ever.

Sniffle automates and mitigates most of your administrative burden.

Full Intake Virtual Consultation

Patients begin a virtual consultation with a full intake, including eligibility checking, HPI, and family history. At the conclusion of the visit, patients automatically receive their AVS and providers receive detailed encounter notes and a SOAP note. Managing staff and other physicians, in addition to integrating with your current EHR, can all be easily accommodated.

Adding Physicians is Simple

New physicians added to your network can also be on-boarded and have their credentials checked, all in real-time through the app. It’s all there, thanks to the most advanced virtual care platform in the industry. 

DEA Certified

Best of all, we’re certified by the DEA through SureScripts. This means providers can begin writing scripts within 24 hours of approval without having to go through the typical approval process for virtual care. Our technology does all of this so you can spend more time with your patients and less time on administrative tasks.

It’s Easy to Grow Your Practice Virtually

Sniffle tears down the traditional limitations of brick and mortar. Our technology delivers provider license verification and credentialing in real-time. Opportunities for other licensed providers to join a Sniffle practice can also be shared across regions, states, or the entire country.

Additionally, providers who want to recruit new patients are no longer limited to those in their immediate geographic area but may practice across their entire state(s) of licensure. This gives them new access to patients in underserved areas or medical deserts, which are regions where the population has inadequate access to healthcare.

Make AI Your Ally

It’s easy to see how Sniffle AI enhances care. First, patients Sniffle their symptoms by interacting with the AI engine. This leads to an Aignosis, which is an instant assessment of symptoms, and patients receive this information before their virtual visit. Additionally, this AI engine was built by a global team of physicians, scientists, and engineers using over 13 million clinical encounters and 12,000 sources. Featuring 95% accuracy, an Aignosis is a welcome replacement to patients Googling their own symptoms. It also prevents cyberchondria*, a form of anxiety associated with internet self-diagnosis.

Additionally, providers get access to the Sniffle AI-driven research tool, which streamlines their workflow and feels like having an additional assistant.

*According to a 2020 study published in Comprehensive Psychiatry

Energize Your Patient Relationships 

Sniffle creates opportunities to engage with current patients and recruit new ones. You can strengthen existing relationships by sharing the app with patients, seeing them more frequently through virtual visits, and enhancing your continuity of care. Once patients download the app, you become your patients’ preferred Sniffle provider.

It’s the gift of health. A patient gives one and also gets one.

Sniffle Benefits Gives Back

Your patients are also motivated to share Sniffle Benefits with others and drive new patients to your practice through social sharing. How? First, Sniffle creates a positive virtual care experience like no one else and people will want to share the news. Second, when a current Sniffle Benefits member inspires someone else to sign up for this subscription, both people receive one free month of Sniffle Benefits*. It’s the gift of health. A patient gives one and also gets one. *Anyone signing up for Sniffle receives the first 30 days of Sniffle Benefits free when they provide their payment information. Only new members who do not take advantage of this offer when they sign up for Sniffle will qualify for the offer described above.

Growing Your Business Made Easy

Additionally, a Sniffle marketing kit is activated when a practice is launched, and providers can easily expand their practice by adding more Sniffle physicians. Because Sniffle exists in a virtual ecosystem, this does not require adding physical space and it is only limited by the states where new physicians are licensed to practice. Adding more virtual Sniffle physicians to your clinic is as simple as sending an invite from your Sniffle app.
The Future of Virtual Care is Here.


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