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What is Sniffle?

Sniffle is the first Ai Driven Virtual Care platform that provides greater insight to health and greater access to healthcare through technology and artificial intelligence. Virtual care is here to stay and will co-exist with traditional care.

Sniffle for Providers is self-configurable and can be downloaded free of charge and shared with other providers and your patients. Clinics and licensed providers can easily download, onboard, and configure Sniffle without assistance to begin providing virtual care within 24 hours.

Sniffle is a HIPAA-compliant virtual care app that is available to both patients and healthcare providers. Patients and Clinicians can use any web-enabled device. The Sniffle platform has been developed with input from our physician investors and advisors.

What does Sniffle cost?

You can’t purchase the Sniffle Software. You can only download, use, and share it. Sniffle does not sell software licenses and does not intend to. Sniffle’s mission is to provide advanced medical technology to the medical community and their patients to help improve population health and patient outcomes.

The Sniffle app is free to download for patients and providers. Patients pay a small booking fee of $10 for each virtual visit appointment scheduled, which is charged to the patient by your practice and passed along as part of the cost of the visit. The booking fee authorizes a charge to help ensure that your patient will make their appointment, and helps to prevents no-shows.

Sniffle waives all software usage and booking fees when patients or their family members booking an appointment are Sniffle Plus users. No long term license and no “Gotchas”.

Why patients love Sniffle?

Sniffle demonstrates that your practice has embraced today’s rapidly evolving technology and is committed to enhancing your patients healthcare journey through continuity of care with your practice.

Sniffle’s Aignosis, complimentary prescription discount card, and access to Dental, Vision, Behavioral Health, Labs, Imaging & more through Sniffle Plus allow your patients to gain incredible benefits because of your involvement with Sniffle.

Sniffle is easy to use and provides your patients with powerful tools to positively impact their health.

How will patients find me?

They are already searching on their phone and online for you. Sniffle will ensure they find you and your practice. Sniffle’s in-house marketing and PR team will let all your patients and your community know about your new technology and the added benefits they will now have access to through Sniffle—at no cost to you.

We do this as part of our commitment to help grow your practice and your virtual care community. See Sniffle Marketing for more details.

What equipment do I need to conduct a Sniffle visit?

Your Sniffle app works on any web-enabled device: desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. The Sniffle app and an internet connection are all you and your patients need.

Where can I conduct my Sniffle video appointment?

You can conduct a Sniffle visit anywhere you like, within reason, as long as it’s private. To ensure patient privacy, choose a quiet room where you can close the door and avoid interruptions.

The best non-distracting backdrops are clear of clutter, such as a light-colored wall. Sniffle providers conduct virtual visits from their practice offices and even home offices. The objective is for patients to have a confidential and professional experience.

What training will I need to use Sniffle?

Sniffle is easy and intuitive to use; therefore, training is unnecessary. After you download Sniffle, the app will guide you through the easy one-time setup process. If you prefer, the Sniffle Support Team can answer your questions and conduct a brief video visit in the app before you hold an actual patient visit.

How will I get paid or reimbursed for Sniffle visits?

With Sniffle, you get paid directly by patients through the app using Sniffle’s payment feature or directly by your payer through your normal reimbursement process. Sniffle’s integrated payment solution provides dynamic coding and credit card processing. Payments processed in Sniffle are deposited directly into your account. The Sniffle payment feature enables processing of all major credit cards, including HSA cards, directly in the app through a private merchant account.

If the patient opts to use insurance, the Sniffle app automatically checks coverage and eligibility, then provides an estimated co-payment before the visit.

After the visit, the Sniffle app will process the appropriate payment, and the funds are deposited directly into your own account. If insurance was used for the visit the Sniffle app will generate the proper billing documentation and SOAP note with billing data for you to transmit to your payers and store in your billing system.

Does the Sniffle app contain and support necessary patient documentation?

Yes. The Sniffle app includes a HIPAA-compliant patient record with dynamic charting and coding. You can either use the Sniffle chart or export it to your own EHR. Sniffle is currently integrated with Athena so all encounter, scheduling and billing data is properly passed to the Athena patient record. We have more EHR integrations on the way too. We make it easy!

Sniffle maintains and stores a copy of all patient data, encounter data, and patient’s Aignosis with results indefinitely in a HIPAA-compliant patient record accessible in the app.

Can I prescribe medication through Sniffle?

Yes. The Sniffle app is certified by Surescripts and ready for you to register yourself and begin e-prescribing. We’ve included a geolocation feature to look up pharmacies easily, as well as built-in safeguards to prevent the prescription of controlled substances.

What medications can I prescribe through Sniffle?

After your credentials and information have been verified by Surescripts and Sniffle, you can prescribe a variety of medications. Generally speaking, you may not prescribe any DEA Controlled Substances.

What providers can use Sniffle?

Sniffle is open to any currently licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. After your credentials are verified, you are registered with Surescripts, and your merchant account is approved, your virtual care practice is open. Providers are typically ready to see patients in less than 24 hours.

Certain states, but not all, allow nurse practitioners to practice without a physician sponsor. Physician assistants always need to practice under a sponsoring physician’s license.

How much time do I need to commit to using Sniffle?

No commitment of any kind is required. Sniffle is the virtual care extension of your practice; therefore, you set your own schedule. We recommend that you set aside a specified time slot for Sniffle visits so that your patients know when you will be available: for example, Mondays through Thursdays, 4–6 PM.

How does my state licensure work when practicing through Sniffle?
With virtual care, you may see any patient who is physically located in any state where you hold an active, unrestricted license. However, as a provider, you are free to practice from anywhere.

Together with the Sniffle app and an internet connection, you’re able to treat patients who are located in your states of licensure, even when you are traveling in other states or countries.

How does Sniffle benefit clinic administrators?

Sniffle makes it easy to set up your clinic profile and begin onboarding providers in just a few minutes. It’s also easy to invite providers and patients to use the Sniffle app and configure automated notifications that can be delivered via push, SMS, or email. Identity verification and credentialing are automated, as is the verification of NPIs that you provide.

In addition, Sniffle generates billing information after each consult. You also have a dashboard that shows which providers are associated with your clinic on the Sniffle app, as well as tools to maintain, control, and increase patient panels.