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After you’ve set up your virtual practice, Sniffle continues to support your success. Unlike any other virtual care solution, you get a comprehensive suite of marketing services at no cost. Once you’re ready to invest in further growth, you can meet with the Sniffle Marketing Team to review different strategies. It’s all built into the Sniffle ecosystem. That way, you can focus on your patients instead of worrying about business growth.
Level 1

Launch Package

Included at No Cost

Once a provider completes the onboarding process, the following marketing tactics are automatically initiated:

A press release is distributed to local and regional media announcing that a new provider has joined Sniffle. The number of media targets included depends on the number of physicians included in the new virtual office.
Ongoing communications are created to build awareness for all Sniffle providers.
Level 2

Marketing Toolkit

Included at No Cost

To supplement the automatic launch package, providers can request this toolkit, which includes:

Sniffle-branded social posts and blog posts ready for publication, a Sniffle logo file, and a "Sniffle Certified Provider" badge graphic.
Level 3

Sniffle Marketing Team

Includes Negotiated Fees

Once a virtual practice has been launched using Level 1 and Level 2 marketing tools, a provider may be ready to invest in further growth. At this point, our marketing team initiates conversations to explore options such as:

SMS/text marketing for brand awareness
SMS/text marketing based on locations of prospects, called geo-targeting
Digital marketing packages
Website development
Campaign development
Doctor directory listings
Special requests
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