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Three healthcare technology trends transforming your interactions with patients.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, the way you interact with patients will, too. Healthcare technology trends are changing patients’ expectations of how they can interact with medical providers and how much power they can have over their health.

1. Patients want to access their records easily.

Cloud-based portals give patients the ability to see their test results, giving them visibility into their care. Millennials are twice as likely as any other age group to switch to a healthcare provider who offers a patient portal. Moreover, insurance companies also provide their portals, giving their members access to eligibility, payment, and network provider information. To capture new patients, stay up to date with online records.

2. New devices give patients control over their health.

It’s easier than ever for patients to manage their day-to-day health at home. For example, patients can track their weight, pulse, oxygen levels, sleep quality, and diet in various fitness monitors and apps. In addition, at-home devices can now perform tests such as ECGs and bloodwork.

With the latest devices, patients want to prevent health problems from developing and keep their medical providers aware of issues. In addition, your understanding of these devices can help your patients play an active role in their health.

3. Patients are interested in telemedicine.

Telemedicine is becoming the preferred form of interaction from the COVID pandemic to other preferences for at-home services! Sniffle gives patients a secure, HIPAA-compliant application without having to visit a clinic.

Offering telemedicine to patients gives patients more convenience and increases continuity of care because it helps patients avoid urgent care centers and ER’s to get immediate care. With Sniffle, you can see any patients in your state via the app, which means you can offer care to those living in rural areas and patients with other challenges such as dependent care, reliable transportation, or weakened immune systems.

Telemedicine also helps you treat more patients. You can conduct 8.5 Sniffle visits per hour versus 3.5 in-person visits. Sniffle also brings another income stream to your practice.

Technology is all around us, and it’s easier than ever to give your patients the benefits of these healthcare technology trends! By using Sniffle, you can treat more patients at your usual reimbursement rate, giving your patients convenience and increasing your revenue.

Embrace the telemedicine trend today by downloading the Sniffle app!