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How Sniffle adds flexibility to your patient care process.

Has the pandemic increased your patients’ interest in telemedicine apps, such as Sniffle? We aren’t surprised! And what’s in it for you? First, Sniffle puts more flexibility into your process and can be a valuable tool for your practice.

How can Sniffle help your practice?

1. Increase the number of patients you see – Sniffle increases the efficiency of practices by enabling them to see more patients for common ailments while decreasing time spent on paperwork through our streamlined automation. In addition, you’ll have more time for patients who need to be seen in-clinic by caring for common conditions via Sniffle.

Sniffle also helps new patients find you because your profile and available appointments are displayed in the app. In addition, Sniffle can increase your revenue because you set your rates for telemedicine appointments.

2. Reduce cancellations – Sometimes, life (work, transportation, kids) does not allow patients to show up for appointments. Cancellations can adversely affect your revenue. By seeing a provider via Sniffle, patients don’t have to worry about “life” getting in the way. And you can worry less about cancellations impacting revenue.

3. Follow up with patients – Sniffle makes follow-up visits easy. As a result, it improves outcomes and encourages ongoing care. And because payers consider a telemedicine follow-up as an appointment, your practice will be compensated accordingly, instead of traditional phone follow-ups.

4. Improve relationships with patients – Your patients already may be turning to telemedicine for minor medical conditions, such as allergies or UTIs. When your patients can’t find you on Sniffle, they may opt to see another provider. Keep your patients happy by giving them the convenience of booking appointments via Sniffle.

5. Get fair compensation for your services – Telemedicine consults are real consults, and thus providers should be compensated as such! With Sniffle, you set your prices, and patients are responsible for paying either their portion immediately, or they can elect to self-pay. In addition, recent parity laws passed in most states say that insurance companies must reimburse telemedicine as in-clinic visits, so if a patient decides to use insurance, your office can submit for reimbursement.

6. Choose your schedule – Spending endless hours at your practice can take its toll. With Sniffle, you can take appointments anytime, anywhere. All you need is a web-enabled device, the Sniffle app, and a good internet connection.

Sniffle puts more flexibility into patient care. You can choose your schedule, increase your number of patients, and so much more. Download the app today to start Sniffling.