What is Sniffle Benefits?

When patients sign up for Sniffle Benefits, they receive more value through savings and access to additional ancillary benefits. The Sniffle Benefits Card is recognized and honored across the U.S. at hundreds of thousands of participating retailers and healthcare service providers, including Aetna Dental Access, Costco, Target, CVS, Visionworks, and many more. The Sniffle Benefits card gives your patient and their entire family access to preferred pricing across these key areas. Best of all, Sniffle users who add Sniffle Benefits get the first 30 days free.

Behavioral Health
Hearing Aids
Rx Discounts
Diabetes Supplies
Lab Testing
Durable Medical Equipment

What Does It Include for Patients?

Patients receive preferred pricing on ancillary benefits in nine critical areas, including dental, vision, behavioral health, hearing aids, diabetic supplies, prescription discounts, lab testing, MRI & CT imaging. This also includes durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, crutches, slings, and walking boots. 

Patients pay only $10 per month for an entire family. It doesn’t matter how big their family is, what the ages of the different members are, or how many different benefits they’re accessing every month. Everyone’s included for $10 per month.

How Does This Benefit Providers?

Providers who introduce Sniffle Benefits to patients give them a new way to be proactive with ancillary benefits while saving costs. As many providers know, the areas of personal health addressed by these benefits are interrelated.

Dental care can influence heart health as the same bacteria found in the mouth is related to blockages of heart arteries. Vision care is related to diabetic conditions. And other similar connections support the idea that a holistic view of these areas is important.

In addition to other ways to save, Sniffle Benefits gives patients access to a full suite of ancillary benefits with preferred pricing. This all leads to providers helping patients become more informed, more proactive, and better stewards of their budgets.

How Does a Patient Sign Up?

Choosing Sniffle Benefits as a patient is easy. Once the Sniffle for Patients app has been downloaded and a profile has been created, patients can then sign up for Sniffle Benefits. They don’t even need to select a preferred provider before taking advantage of this feature. Some patients simply use Sniffle to access the valuable features Sniffle Benefits delivers.