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Are house calls back in style?

The pandemic has made consumers seek at-home services, from grocery delivery to online shopping. But does this mean house calls are coming back?

House calls might be back in style, and they have their benefits to providers. You can offer a more personalized experience and get a glimpse into the lives of your patients. And for patients, house calls let them avoid scheduling days, busy (and potentially germ-filled) waiting rooms, and simply getting out of bed when they’re feeling ill!

Even doctor house calls are gaining momentum—an AAFP survey determined that only 13% of physicians in the academy made at least one house call a week. And with the aging population expected to rise in the next two decades, house calls could be the underlying difference for elderly patients to stay at home or be forced into skilled nursing facilities. A two-year study by The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that patients benefiting from doctor house calls had 17% lower health care costs, 9% fewer hospitalizations, 20% fewer emergency department visits, 23% fewer visits to subspecialists, and 27% fewer stays in skilled nursing facilities.

The demand for house calls is growing, but are you responding?

Of course, leaving your clinic in the middle of the day is not practical. However, the Sniffle telemedicine app gives you the flexibility to meet with patients anytime, anywhere. Set your rates and connect with patients remotely.

Sniffle is free for providers to use. Make it your new house call tool.