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Streamlining claim submissions for your practice.

You know how complex and time-consuming claim submissions are. Yet, did you know that physicians use nearly 12% of net patient service revenue to cover costs of excessive administrative complexities? Fortunately, the proper steps and tools can streamline claim submissions and make your practice run even more efficiently.

1. Daily submission is key.

Waiting to submit claims weekly can delay payments by up to four days. Such delays can affect your cash flow over time. Aim to submit claims daily to achieve a healthy cash flow.

2. Go electronic.

Electronic claim submission makes it easier to prevent unnecessary denials. Check with any payors that currently require paper submission to see if they’ve updated their processes. Electronic submission can save time and money.

3. Review claims carefully before submitting.

Mistakes can place a roadblock in your cash flow. Before a claim is processed, adjudicated, and denied by the payor, be sure to review details carefully. Mistakes can range from patients’ demographics to CPT, ICD, and place of service codes. Because rejected claims are not processed, mistakes force your staff to begin again.

4. Analyze your work to improve.

Which factors contribute to claim denials? Track and identify your practice’s trends, such as keying errors or missing demographics. Analytics can help you create more efficient workflows, such as similar grouping claims to reduce turnaround time.

5. Set a process that works for your staff.

Routines work. Just as workflows are critical for patient care, they are essential to claims submission. Establish processes and assign roles and responsibilities across your staff. Everyone in practice must play a part in successful claim submissions.

6. Take advantage of telemedicine tools.

By making time to see patients on Sniffle, you can ease some insurance difficulties. The Sniffle app suggests reimbursement codes at the end of each consultation. In addition, patients always have the option to pay cash.

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