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Sick on vacation: How to feel better faster.

From an upset stomach to a rising fever, feeling sick on vacation can quickly turn a fun time into a dreadful experience! Unfortunately, catching a travel-related illness is not uncommon. Many factors can send your immune system into a downward spiral frenzy, causing you to be sick on vacation! In addition, feeling sick on vacation in a foreign place can leave you confused and with limited options. So, are you feeling sick on vacation and wondering what to do? Read our tips below to help you navigate which next steps to take:

  • Rest and drink fluids: It is okay to take a vacation day to recuperate in your hotel room if you do not have a fever! Most illnesses do not require medical attention and can be treated with rest and water. Feeling better and want to explore without overstretching yourself? Take a bus tour or slow down your walking pace. You can still take advantage of your destination while taking care of your health!
  • Watch what you eat: If your stomach starts feeling queasy, start sticking to easy-to-digest bland foods and stay away from meats, fatty foods, and dairy. This diet will help you digest food easier and cause you less digestive pain as you heal. Pro tip: start taking probiotics if you are going to travel and consider taking a higher intake if you get sick.
  • Consult a doctor of your choice through Sniffle for the next steps: Have an upset stomach and fever? You may have fallen victim to traveler’s diarrhea or food poisoning! You can contact a doctor of your choice through the Sniffle app or visit a travel health clinic for an antibiotic prescription. Pro note: some countries may not require a prescription for some antibiotics, but it is always a good idea to have medical guidance before taking them!
  • Visit local urgent care or hospital: Sometimes, you have to get immediate in-person medical attention. If possible, contact your insurance provider before visiting a medical professional to ensure coverage. However, if you are sick on vacation and feeling exponentially worse (signs of heart attack, stroke, etc.), visit the hospital immediately, regardless of insurance. Pro tip: out-of-pocket hospital expenses may be significantly cheaper in other countries.

Your health is a priority! If you start feeling sick on vacation, do not wait until your illness worsens, and contact a doctor of your choice through the Sniffle app. Sniffle makes it easy for you to receive medical advice from a doctor of your choice without having to visit them in person. By getting the medical guidance and treatment you need, you can feel better faster and enjoy your vacation for longer. If you continue to feel ill, consider cutting your trip short and heading home. Some travel insurance policies help get you home sooner at no extra cost. It is always better to play it safe and put your health first, whether you contact a doctor through Sniffle or head home early. Are you currently feeling sick on vacation and looking to speak to a doctor? Contact a doctor of your choice through the Sniffle app today to start feeling better faster!