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How to protect skin from the sun this summer.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are in full bloom. During the summer season, you will probably enjoy the sunny days (as you should) with your family and friends—maybe you are headed to the beach, the local fair, or simply going to a farmer’s market. Wherever the summer takes you, make sure to protect your skin from sun damage! Sunshine feels great, but the sun can also bring harm to your health if you do not take precautions! Do not let this “non-fun fact” deter you from leaving your house in the summer. By following the proper steps, you can protect your skin from sun rays and make great summer memories.

Put the cool shades on.

Exposing your naked eyes to the sun can lead to vision loss and other severe conditions, like cataracts, macular degeneration, and eyelid cancer. However, by wearing a good pair of shades (with 100% UVA & UVB protection) and a hat, you can protect your eyes! If you notice problems with your eyes or eyelids, make sure to talk to your primary doctor. If necessary, your primary doctor will refer you to either an ophthalmologist or dermatologist, depending on the affected areas.

Clothes can block the rays.

What you choose to wear is your first line of defense against the powerful UV rays! Your clothes can absorb and block UV rays from affecting your skin. It’s also important to stay hydrated and not wear excessive clothing on a hot day to avoid heat-related illnesses. High UPF sportswear helps protect skin from sun rays without adding massive layers of clothing.

Always find shade.

During a hot summer day, remember that shade is your friend! Shade can be found in many places outside, like under an umbrella, trees, and shaded structures. Standing under the sun might be tempting, but a lovely shade can protect skin from sun damage! It is important to remember that not all shaded areas protect the same. For instance, a shaded structure may cover more sunlight than a tree with piercing sunlight through its leaves. Nonetheless, some shade is always better than no shade!

Never forget the sunscreen.

Your ultimate best friend during the summer will be sunscreen! Bring your new “bestie” everywhere—from the beach to the local fair—your sunscreen will be there to protect you from the mighty sun! How does sunscreen work? What do the labels even mean? Sunscreen’s ingredients help prevent the sun’s UV radiation (both UVA and UVB) from reaching your skin. These radiations can damage your skin and increase your chances of skin cancer. Take a look at the SPF (sun protector factor) to determine how long your sunscreen protection will last. For example, if it takes 20 minutes for your skin to react to the sun (start turning red, etc.), your SPF 15 should prolong your reaction to the sun 15x longer. Make sure to buy a sunscreen SPF 15 or higher to protect skin from sun damage (and don’t forget to reapply periodically)!

Do not let skin damage take the fun out of summer! It is easy to protect skin from sun damage by taking the proper steps, like bringing a hat and applying sunscreen. Also, do not let a common ailment, like a cold or pink eye, ruin the summer fun! By downloading the Sniffle app, you can connect with the doctor of your choice and feel better faster. There is no need to leave work (or the beach); get quality medical attention right from your smartphone. Download the Sniffle app today to get started! Feeling sick is not fun—so download the app, surf the waves, and do not forget to apply sunscreen!