Getting quality healthcare shouldn’t be hard. Sniffle makes it simple.

Sniffle is a breakthrough healthcare marketplace that makes virtual care accessible to everyone.


If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.

Connect to the world of virtual care and get medical treatment from the comfort of home.

Create your profile

It’s free and easy using any web-enabled device. Sniffle walks you through a simple, one-time set-up, including verifying your insurance—it takes only 5 minutes. If you don’t have insurance, no problem. You can still use Sniffle too!

Book a virtual visit

Schedule a visit with a provider of your choice, including your very own provider, at a time that’s convenient for you and/or your family members.

Upgrade to Sniffle Plus and get unlimited bookings each month and an abundance of other benefits.

Get better faster

Connect with your provider through a secure online visit to share your Aignosis, receive treatment and even prescriptions—all done through Sniffle.

Sniffle is safe and medically approved.

You can even use your health insurance.

Sniffle visits are actual medical visits where you can choose who you see—including your own provider—whenever you want. You will get the same level of clinical care as you would in the office, and you can use your insurance and get a prescription if needed.

Want to know more about your ailments? What about access to an abundance of benefits?

Get an accurate analysis of your symptoms anytime with Aignosis

Sniffle’s Aignosis is based on ten million patient encounters with physicians and providers. The Ai and machine learning protocols allow for reliable medical data to be utilized by leading private and public institutions—you go right to the source and replace guesswork with accurate insights.

Sniffle Plus is a choice to access & share abundance

Sniffle Plus enables you and your family to have unlimited bookings with your providers without any booking fees associated, as well as access to benefits in 10 critical areas:  Dental, Vision, Behavioral Health, Prescription Discounts, Hearing aids, Diabetic Supplies, Lab Testing, Imaging, Durable Medical Equipment, and Vitamins. Gain access to these services for $10 a month…that’s it!

Sniffle Plus

Benefits for you and your entire family.

With Sniffle Plus you gain even more access with unlimited bookings and more for only $10 per month to cover you and your entire family.

Your virtual visit price is listed by the provider or is the set co-pay required by your insurance carrier. That’s it!

No hidden costs—just straightforward access to quality care as it should be.

Your provider isn’t on Sniffle yet? Let’s invite them!

The Sniffle app is free to use for both patients and providers. We will reach out with the Invite Your Provider feature and encourage them to come on board! We just need the provider/clinic contact information for a text or email message from Sniffle on your behalf.