Virtual Care is Evolving

According to a recent study, 92% of patients* shopping for providers now expect them to offer a virtual care option, alongside traditional care. Both patients and providers see the value in virtual care for the future of health and Sniffle is here to deliver AI-driven convenience, access, and information. It’s all part of one virtual care ecosystem and unlike anything else.

* According to an October 2022 study by

Good Health Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Sniffle elevates your virtual care experience. It starts with your Aignosis. Just Sniffle your symptoms and the AI engine will tell you what they mean and whether or not you need medical intervention. You can also access a powerful search feature that instantly finds resources for you and your family, including providers, prescriptions, behavioral health counselors, imaging centers, and more. Then there’s your Sniffle Prescription Discount Card, which helps you save up to 85%.

Sniffle Benefits gives you access to a suite of ancillary health benefits recognized by a national network of healthcare service providers. And an entire family is covered for only $10/month. It doesn’t matter how big the family is, what the patient's ages are, or how many different benefits are being accessed every month.


The process of identifying a disease, condition, or injury from its signs and symptoms through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning.

Farewell, Web Search.

Hello, Aignosis.

Sniffle makes assessing symptoms safe and accurate. Yes, we’ve all done it. You start to feel sick and you jump on the internet to self-diagnose. Unfortunately, results from common search engines are not always accurate because they’re influenced by marketers who know how to have the information for their product or service appear first during these searches. Additionally, a recent study* found that too much online searching causes a form of anxiety called cyberchondia.

That’s why we created our instant assessment of symptoms, called Aignosis. The AI engine behind it was built by a global team of physicians, scientists, and engineers using over 13 million clinical encounters and 12,000 sources, updated dynamically via machine learning. The result? When patients Sniffle their symptoms, their Aignosis delivers information that’s 95% accurate.

*According to a 2020 study published in Comprehensive Psychiatry

We Even Strengthen Relationships

Sniffle’s ecosystem brings patients and providers closer. First, Sniffle is often introduced to patients through their trusted providers, creating an opportunity for learning about virtual care. Then, Sniffle patients enjoy more attention to their health, thanks to the convenience and frequency of virtual visits. 

Unlike other solutions, Sniffle also promotes continuity of care by making it easy for patients to see their chosen provider. And the chat feature enables after-visit dialogue, as well as follow-up questions from patients. These increased interactions are especially valuable to patients in more remote locations. Your Sniffle profile even saves all your data so that it’s always available to you and your choice of provider.

How to Join Sniffle as a Sniffle Patient

Add your dependents, as needed
Look up your provider and schedule an appointment based on their availability
If your provider is not shown on the app, you can send them an invitation to join Sniffle
Explore Sniffle Benefits and the abundance of features awaiting you and your family
The Future of Virtual Care is Here.