Have a medically approved doctor visit right from your phone.

More and more physicians are now using Sniffle to treat their patients virtually. Sniffle was designed by physicians to treat the most common non-emergency health issues without bringing the patient into the office.

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If this is a medical emergency please call 911.

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Watch Video

Sniffle is safe and medically-approved. You can even use your health insurance.

Physicians everywhere use Sniffle to diagnose and treat patients without forcing their patients to come in to their clinic. Just use your phone or any other web enabled device to have a video visit with your physician or other licensed US medical professional, whenever you want. Sniffle’s secure video and EHR establishes a fully compliant virtual medical clinic whereby physicians and patients can “Sniffle” to conduct valid and approved medical visits. Your physician can even prescribe medications when necessary for almost any non-emergency ailment you may have. You can pay for your visit with most major credit cards or—best of—all feel free to use your insurance, as most carriers now cover Sniffle visits—pretty cool eh?

Primary care, anywhere.

Sniffle visits are actual physician visits where you can choose who you see including your own doctor. You will get the same level of clinical care as in the office, and you can use your insurance and get a prescription if needed.

No need to drag yourself to an office visit and sit in the sickly waiting room. If it’s a no pants, recover in bed kind of day,  connect to the doctor of your choice on the Sniffle app, anytime, anywhere. Ready to get well?

See your doctor when it’s convenient for you. No more waiting days or weeks for an appointment–or worse, going to an expensive urgent care center or emergency room to see a random doctor or nurse.

Get better, faster.

1. Create your profile.

It’s free and easy using any web enabled device. Sniffle walks you through a simple, one-time set-up including verifying your insurance—it takes only 5 minutes.

2. Schedule a visit.

Schedule a visit with a doctor of your choice including your very own doctor at a time that’s convenient for you and/or your family members.

3. Get better, faster.

Connect with your physician through a secure online visit to receive your diagnosis, treatment plans, and even prescriptions – all done through Sniffle.

No memberships, fees or hidden costs. Pay for treatment only when you need it.

Your private and secure account is 100% free, because as physicians, we designed this for you to actually use. There are no hidden charges, just a small $10 fee when you schedule a visit to secure your appointment. A Sniffle consult provides the same level of care as an in-office visit, so you simply pay the price listed by the physician or the co-pay required by your insurance carrier.

Don’t ignore your symptoms.

Doctors can treat the most common ailments on Sniffle and write you an electronic prescription when necessary.

Don’t ignore your symptoms.

Doctors can treat the most common ailments on Sniffle and ePrescribe when necessary.

Your doctor isn’t on Sniffle yet?

 Invite your doctor by letting him know about this free app.

Live your best life with Sniffle.

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