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    The Evolution of Mobile Healthcare

    A company at the intersection of mobile technology and healthcare

  • What We Do

    Sniffle is a technology company shifting the healthcare paradigm.

    Ubiquitous Access Means Better Healthcare

    Sniffle is at the forefront of a significant and rapidly emerging mobile healthcare evolution. Sniffles' highly-advanced and market leading mobile healthcare and telemedicine solutions are well positioned to lead this evolution and capture this emerging market opportunity. By enabling physicians and hospitals to download Sniffles' technology quickly and easily free of charge we can significantly accelerate the adoption and growth of telemedicine while establishing the Sniffle brand as the market leader. Sniffles' intuitive, highly advanced technology enables physicians to visit with patients within a real-time clinical environment via secure video, audio, SMS and email. Physicians can diagnose and electronically prescribe medications when appropriate and update the patient medical history in much the same manner as if in a physical office setting. Our technology empowers physicians and hospitals to effectively diagnose and treat all of the most common, non-emergency ailments that are currently clogging our ER and physician waiting rooms. These office visits make up more than 75% of all physician office visits in the U.S. and according to the AMA account for over 750 million unnecessary office visits every year. Sniffle enables hospitals and physicians to quickly and easily deploy a robust telemedicine modality to extend their reach, treat more patients, and expand their practice beyond the confines of their physical location while maintaining total compliance.


    Because patients also download the Sniffle app free of charge they have immediate remote access to physician care. The Sniffle app immediately provides consumers nationwide, convenient ubiquitous access to licensed physician care anytime of day or night from anywhere in the US via their phone or tablet. With just a few taps in the Sniffle app, patients can choose a physician and connect immediately or easily schedule a telemedicine visit with a licensed physician using our secure video and teleconferencing platform.


    Once licensed physicians download the free Sniffle mobile app and are verified and credentialed, they must complete a short training session in the Sniffle Academy, and only then will Sniffle activate their app and begin notifying their existing patient pools of the new Sniffle service their physician offers. Sniffle also offers marketing programs that can help physicians grow their telemedicine practice and attract new patients throughout the states in which they are licensed.

  • Who We Are

    Ryan Herget

    Chief Executive Officer

    Ryan started his first company at 15 years old and has been a successful entrepreneur ever since. Over the past 10 years he has started and sold 3 companies. His most recent company, Chef Shuttle, was acquired in a multi million dollar acquisition in March of 2017. Ryan was a member of the Arkansas Business 20 in their 20's class of 2015.

    Rich Blanton

    Chief Operating Officer

    Rich has been involved in the telemedicine industry since 2011. He has led 2 multi-national corporations, Indra Systemas and Hinduja Global, as CEO and has been involved in multiple start-ups through the years with successful exits including an IPO. Rich serves as an associate board member and adviser to MBA students at Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business.

    Joshua Sams

    Chief Technology Officer

    Joshua is a successful entrepreneur, technologist and angel investor with extensive experience in healthcare, finance, startups and application development. His technical focus is on consumer Internet, analytics, artificial intelligence and real-time web application development. Previously, Joshua was the founder and CEO of Sprowtt, a development-stage investment bank and alternative exchange that was named a TechCrunch 50 company. Joshua began programming at age 6, attended Harvard University and originated the draft securities reforms that passed the U.S. House as an advisor to the White House Office of Science and Technology.

    Ross Thompson

    Chief Compliance Officer

    Ross was a founding partner and served as the general counsel for AmeriDoc, one of the first and largest telemedicine companies in the US. Ross helped grow and lead AmeriDoc up to and through it's acquisition by Teledoc in 2014. Ross is widely considered a leading expert on telemedicine compliance and legislation.

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