Sniffle Advocate Care


How It Works

Sniffle Benefits - Advocate Care (SBAC) is a comprehensive benefits package designed to cater to the health and wellness needs of employees. With pre-negotiated rates for dental, vision, counseling, labs, and imaging, as well as access to virtual care visits, it offers employers a cost-effective solution to employee healthcare.

Each employee also receives 12 Care Credits per year, which can be redeemed for free virtual care appointments or shared with others they care about.

Additionally, members will now have direct access to a Health Advocate who can help them with any challenging health situations that may arise.

Why Employers Love It

SBAC serves as a powerful tool for employee recruitment and retention. By offering comprehensive health benefits, employers can attract top talent, and keep them happy, healthy, and productive. Overall, it underscores a company's commitment to employee well-being, a factor increasingly considered by both full-time and part-time job seekers.

From a financial perspective, CFOs will instantly realize that this gives them an opportunity to control rising costs of employee healthcare benefits. By covering dental, vision, and even some virtual visits in one package, they’ll be able to affordably cover these core ancillary benefits and more for only $15 per employee per month.

• Dental: A typical premium amount for a dental plan may be $20–$50 per month for an individual or $50–$150 per month for a family.

• Vision: A typical premium is around $30 per month for a family.

• Virtual Care (VC) visit: Industry average is $70 • Average total cost without SBAC per month

$150 (Dental - $50, Vision - $30, VC - $70)

• Minimum value and savings with vision, dental, and VC alone: $135 per month, $1,620 per employee annually (90% discount)

The total cost/savings mentioned above does not include the value of the savings for counseling, labs, imaging, or health advocacy. With these services included, the estimated value per year is easily $2,000 per employee.

Value to Part-Time Employees

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, merely 25% of part-time employees receive employer-sponsored health coverage. Employers offering comprehensive health benefits* will clearly differentiate themselves.

Such a resource not only lessens the recruitment cost for part-time employees as more are likely to apply, but its presence also encourages existing and incoming employees to organically share this unique opportunity within their networks.

Why Employees Love It

With its unlimited usage, employees can access healthcare services whenever they need, without having to worry about exceeding limits.

The plan also includes 12 Care Credits, which are given all at once, allowing employees to manage their family's healthcare needs flexibly. In a difficult month, employees won't have to choose who gets to see a healthcare provider; there's enough for everyone.

Moreover, this plan covers the entire family, providing the same excellent benefits to spouses and children. The comprehensive coverage ensures that employees can focus on their work, knowing that their loved ones' health needs are taken care of.

Sniffle Benefits - Advocate Care is not just a perk; it's a demonstration of an employer's care and commitment to its employees and their families.

Accessing SBAC Information

Once enrolled, employees can conveniently access their Sniffle Benefits - Advocate Care resources via the Sniffle for Patients app, downloadable from the Google Play and Apple App stores. With dedicated support lines for each benefit, Sniffle ensures employees can optimally utilize each resource.

Specific information on cost savings by benefit can be found in the app, or by visiting

The Sniffle Advantage

We all know that when you advocate for your employees, you automatically do the same for your business. Now you can do so in a way that is simple and very affordable.

Sniffle Benefits - Advocate Care is not just a healthcare plan*; it's a commitment to your employees' and their family’s well-being. By offering comprehensive access to essential health services, such as vision, dental, counseling, and flexible Care Credits, it shows your dedication to their health and happiness.

They will even have access to an actual Health Advocate, which is one of the many reasons it’s called advocate care.

Sniffle Benefits Packages for Employers


Savings Example
America’s Eyewear
1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST (90 pack)
ACUVUE OASYS (12 pack)
(90 pack)

Prices are six lenses per box (except where noted) and are subject to change without notice. Updated April 2021.