What Does AI and Sniffle’s Technology Mean to Employers and Employees?

In addition to immediate access to licensed virtual care at the touch of a button, Sniffle’s proprietary technology gives employees the ability to search for cost-effective health services as they receive preferred pricing for prescriptions, dental, vision, behavioral health, imaging, labs, and more.

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A network of national healthcare organizations is part of the Sniffle virtual care ecosystem and brings your employees and their families special pre-negotiated rates for a variety of ancillary benefits. Sniffle’s technology is a conduit to hundreds of thousands of participating retailers and healthcare service providers across the U.S., including Aetna Dental Access, Costco, Target, CVS, Visionworks, and many more. In addition, the Sniffle Benefits card gives an entire family access to key areas of care.

What is Doom Scrolling and Why is it Harmful?

Everyone knows that many employees who start to feel sick will self-diagnose by researching their symptoms online. Very often, this can lead to obsessively focusing on negative results, called “doom scrolling,” and a recent study* even found that this sometimes leads to a form of anxiety called Cyberchondria.

Additionally, these online searches often deliver inaccurate health information, as search engines are influenced by marketers who know how to have their information appear first.

*According to a 2020 study published in Comprehensive Psychiatry

How Does Sniffle’s Aignosis Make Things Better?

Employees can Sniffle their symptoms by interacting with the AI engine in the app. They then receive an instant assessment of symptoms, called an Aignosis. Generated by the Sniffle AI engine, this assessment is 95% accurate and gives patients a safe way to be proactive with their health. Including an Aignosis before a virtual visit with a provider also streamlines the overall process, giving providers more time to focus on patient care.

How Can Sniffle Improve Employee Engagement?

Providing accessible health services to employees and their families can be a burden for employers. Fortunately, Sniffle Benefits was created to lighten this burden. Sniffle Benefits can be used by an entire family for $10 per month. It doesn’t matter how big this family is, what the members’ ages are, or how many different benefits are being accessed every month.

When employees know that their health and the health of family members are taken care of, they can be more focused and engaged at work, which can lead to improved productivity. Additionally, providing employees with an abundance of ancillary benefits and savings from Sniffle Benefits is one way to show them that they are valued, which could improve retention.

Sniffle Benefits Packages for Employers