Welcome to the Sniffle launch!

Join us in the movement to change healthcare.

At Sniffle, we pride ourselves on how easy it is for providers to implement telemedicine into your clinic or independent practice. There’s absolutely no cost for providers to use Sniffle, and there’s never a contract locking you down. You can download our app for free, and onboard yourself in minutes. 

If you’re unfamiliar with telemedicine platforms, we do ask that you schedule an orientation with the Sniffle team that will take no more than 20 minutes. We’ll walk you through the app, answer your questions, and collect your feedback. After the orientation, you can be a first-mover and start seeing patients on the Sniffle app.  Orientations are available from 9am-10pm, 7 days a week to minimize disruptions to your already hectic schedule. Click below to schedule your orientation.

If you have any questions prior to scheduling an orientation, feel free to call us at 1.800.510.1389, email us at themovement@sniffle.com or click here to learn more. 

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You can now download the app from the Apple App Store and go through as much of the set up as you’d like ahead of the call. We’ll help you through any questions that you may have on the call.

Who we are

Sniffle is a mobile telemedicine app created by physicians, for physicians, and free for physicians. We aim to change healthcare by making it more efficient, accessible, and continuous all the while helping physicians save time, see more patients, and earn more revenue . Thus, our platform will always be free for physicians. Patients only a $10 booking fee and their normal copay or your cash price each Sniffle appointment.

Why you’ll love Sniffle

  • The Sniffle app is free and will always be
  • Set your rates and get paid directly by the patient
  • Set your availability and use Sniffle how you want in your practice
  • The Sniffle built-in EHR stores encounters and medical history indefinitely
  • You can prescribe medications through the app
  • We automatically check eligibility for patients prior to their appointment