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We’re not selling anything. Sniffle is a free app for all providers.

The Sniffle telemedicine platform is created by a world-class team of technologists and A.I. experts working with physicians to unclog your waiting rooms, reduce all of the administrative expenses, and help you see more patients at absolutely no cost to you. Deploy Sniffle in your practice as you see fit. No software license fees or 3rd party companies like Teladoc regulating your time and practice.

Take your new iOS app for a test drive.

There’s literally no commitment, and it’s 100% free for any licensed clinician to download. Just visit the app store to download the iOS app or use the button below on your Apple device to get direct access to app store. Your patients can use any web-enabled device (desktop, laptop, iPhone, tablet, Android Phone) to see you.

See your patients when they need you.

  • By enabling your patients to connect with you remotely, you free up your clinic for patients that actually need to be there.

  • Improve continuity of care. No more need for patients to get care from ERs, urgent cares, and other doctors for simple conditions.

Sniffle is easy and your patients will love you for using Sniffle!

  • Easy and simple to download and set up—no cost or commitments
  • Delight your patients while enhancing your practice with advanced technology and treatment capabilities
  • Free up your schedule, increase revenue, and boost your efficiency

  • Eligibility checks performed automatically for your patients prior to their visit
  • Sniffle processes patient credit card payments and sends the co-pay or cash price directly to you immediately after the consult is closed

Why Sniffle?

Telemedicine is an obligation that truly presents an opportunity.

Delight your patients.

Sniffle allows you to see more of your patients without compromising quality of care and adding more time to your busy day.. We also perform their eligibility checks in real time.

Set your own prices.

And get paid immediately. Charge what you deserve, and we’ll collect payment after each visit. Most insurance companies are required to reimburse providers like an in-clinic visit.

Free marketing tools.

You’ll get a personal webpage and marketing tools. Launch Sniffle to your current patients with complimentary marketing materials, including emails, a webpage, blogs, and more.

Reasons why your patients will LOVE this.

1. Works on any patient web enabled device

Your patients can enter their medical and insurance information in Sniffle—It’s secure and HIPAA compliant.

2. Easy to follow clinical workflows

Document notes and record the diagnosis on our app during the live call with our dynamic charting features.

3. Your patients can use their insurance.

Sniffle checks patient insurance eligibility prior to visit.

Together, we can all do our part to improve healthcare.

Better medicine is contagious and patients are catching on. Patients want convenient care. With Sniffle, they only pay a $10 booking fee and their co-pay each visit.

The future of healthcare. Don’t get left behind. Telemedicine is coming of age and those who adopt will move forward with our changing healthcare landscape.

How telemedicine should be. A simple, easy-to-use technology that is easily incorporated without the cost or extensive training of most new technologies.

Sniffle tech team at your service. Our world-class tech team built Sniffle using Artificial Intelligence to improve workflows and diagnoses for your telemedicine practice.

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