Natalie Manatt, APRN

Family Medicine

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HSP Wolf Clinic
205 Wolf Street
Pearcy, Arkansas 71964

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To Sniffle or not to Sniffle: Ear infections.

You probably remember the painful experience of having an ear infection. From the redness to the swelling—these bacterial infections are not fun! Most people experience ear infections as children, although adults can also become unlucky victims. Sometimes ear...

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To Sniffle or not to Sniffle: Depression.

Have you been feeling less hungry lately or having trouble sleeping? It might be an early sign of depression. Unfortunately, there’s a widespread taboo around having depression despite its common occurrence in our society, and often, it can be challenging to know...

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Keep calm and check your symptoms.

The onset of new or unfamiliar health symptoms can send even the most rational person into a frenzy of self-diagnosis via the internet. Without a sound foundation and proper checks and balances, it’s easy for someone to misinterpret information and jump to...

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