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The Sniffle Team is committed to helping you help more patients.

Sniffle Executive Team

Ryan Herget

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan started his first company at 15 years old and has been a successful entrepreneur ever since. Over the past 10 years he has started and sold 3 companies. His most recent company, Chef Shuttle, was acquired in a multi million dollar acquisition in March of 2017. Ryan was a member of the Arkansas Business 20 in their 20’s class of 2015.

Fun fact: Ryan got his dog, Sam, when his friends bet he couldn’t keep a dog alive. Sam is still alive.

Rich Blanton

Chief Operating Officer

Rich has been involved in the telemedicine industry since 2011. He has led 2 multi-national corporations, Indra Systemas and Hinduja Global, as CEO and has been involved in multiple start-ups through the years with successful exits including an IPO. Rich serves as an associate board member and adviser to MBA students at Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business.

Fun fact: Rich baby-talks to his puppy, Chief, and feeds him chicken and rice that he cooks every morning.

Sebastian Castillo

Chief Product Officer

Sebastian Castillo leads product and technology as a computer scientist with a background in systems engineering and distributed systems. He designed and developed the REST API and payments infrastructure of Paymentez, using Google App Engine, where he led growth from $0 to $300m and zero to 1.3M active users. Previously, he led healthcare payment infrastructure for 40m people and security architecture design for Bancolombia. He is also a founder of the non-profit CoffeeGrid.  

Fun fact: Sebastian looks 13 when he shaves his facial hair and gets carded for R rated movies.

Joshua Sams

Chief Technology Officer

Joshua is an entrepreneur, technologist and angel investor with extensive experience in healthcare, finance, startups and application development. His technical focus is on consumer Internet, analytics, artificial intelligence and real-time web application development. Previously, Joshua was the founder/CEO of Sprowtt, a TechCrunch 50 company. Joshua began programming at age 6, attended Harvard University and was an advisor to the White House Office of Science and Technology.

Fun fact: Josh thinks he knows something about everything. He really does.

Carrie Yang

Chief Marketing Officer

With a background in biological sciences and finance, Carrie approaches start-up marketing through a unique data-driven and experiential lens to influence consumer behavior.  She worked alongside Ryan Herget at Chef Shuttle as head of marketing that resulted in a multi-million dollar acquisition in Little Rock, AR. Most recently, she was the lead marketer at TUSHY, a bidet start-up based out of New York City, that landed spots on the Today Show and HSN.

Fun fact: Carrie is addicted to hot sauce and carries Tabasco in her purse.

Sniffle Tech Team

led by Joshua Sams

David Alzate

Engineering/Product Manager

David holds a degree in systems engineering from EAFIT, and also a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation management from KTH (Sweden). David brings a decade of experience in the software industry, having worked in most facets of the business, from management to development. David is an ardent proponent and teacher of the Lean Startup methodology and SCRUM, and works as an adjunct professor at Fundacion Universitaria Luis Amigo.



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