Keep calm and check your symptoms.

The onset of new or unfamiliar health symptoms can send even the most rational person into a frenzy of self-diagnosis via the internet. Without a sound foundation and proper checks and balances, it’s easy for someone to misinterpret information and jump to conclusions, proclaiming “that’s it—that’s me!” and potentially layering on a lot of unnecessary stress.

Sniffle is changing all of this with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The Sniffle Symptom Checker adds a new first step to virtual health consults, enabling users to check their symptoms before guiding them to appropriate medical services. It taps a robust database of more than 8 million health check-ups to assess inputs, find dependencies and common patterns in data, and then channel patients in the right direction, from self-treatment to virtual care to primary care or acute/emergency conditions. Since the database is always processing additional new information, it’s constantly getting even smarter, with a reported 93% accuracy based on confirmed cases from several leading medical organizations. Experts estimate that leading patients to proper care could also save $18 billion in healthcare costs per year.*

Peace of mind can be a tremendous contributor to better health. The Symptom Checker can help eliminate the stress of uncertainty, and further enhance the advantages of virtual health—a faster, safer, more convenient path to diagnosis and treatment. The Symptom Checker is always on call, with 24/7 access, and is available with a $10 per month Sniffle Plus subscription, or a virtual health appointment booked on the Sniffle app.

*NEHI Research Brief, NPR