4 ways the Sniffle revolution will change healthcare in the next 3 years.

A revolution is coming! A revolution is coming! No, we are not talking about the second coming of a “British-style” takeover. We are talking about the Sniffle revolution, which is taking over the healthcare industry as we know it. So, tidy up your horse and join us! Much like being a colony of Great Britain stopped “working” for American settlers, the current healthcare system isn’t working for a good portion of patients anymore. There’s a nationwide shortage of doctors, you have wait days and sometimes weeks to see a doctor, and with the prevalence of smartphones, convenience has become a major focus. That is where Sniffle comes to the rescue! Sniffle is a telemedicine app that makes it easy for patients and doctors to connect. Doctors can sign up to treat current and new patients, while patients can easily schedule appointments with their own doctor or find a new one. The Sniffle app is designed to make the “going to the doctor” process faster and more efficient for both doctors and patients. How will this app revolutionize the healthcare industry?

No need to wait for an illness to “phase out”
The truth is – people do not want to visit the doctor for non-serious illnesses. That’s why most millennials only visit their doctor when they really need to (HYPERLINK). A millennial is likely to wait out a cough or an ear infection until it “phases out.” Prolonging medical attention can cause complications and make a person contagious to others. Not seeking medical attention right away can also result in higher medical costs. As part of the Sniffle revolution, patients can speak to a doctor of their choice via the Sniffle app, making it easy for them to receive timely medical advice and treatment within a matter of minutes. This service eliminates the need to “wait out” a sickness because it brings doctors to patients, just like a doctor house call 

Say “adios” to the waiting room
Waiting rooms, what is that? That’s right, the Sniffle movement is getting rid of waiting room congestion at doctors’ offices. How? Through the Sniffle app, doctors can treat common non-emergency ailments, making it optional for some patients to visit a physical office and making more time for those who need to be seen in-clinic.  Have a common cold, allergies, or UTI? Say NO to the waiting room!

Feel better faster (literally)
If the Sniffle revolution is “throwing out” the waiting period, then patients can see a doctor of their choice faster. This seamless process helps patients get medical attention and necessary treatments without spending hours waiting at a doctor’s office. Does this result in patients feeling better faster for common ailments? It sure can! Instead of patients waiting endlessly (potentially in pain: pink eye, infections, etc.), they can speak to a doctor and receive treatment right away. From a doctor’s perspective, they can help treat even more patients, while bringing in another revenue stream into the practice.

Make “going to the doctor” personal again
Did you know that most millennials do not have an ongoing relationship with a primary doctor? Since Sniffle makes it easier for patients to connect with their doctor, it is easy for patients to upkeep a relationship with their existing doctor.

The Sniffle revolution is happening now! Healthcare is evolving and telemedicine is proving to be a preferred choice for younger patients seeking medical attention for common ailments. Join hundreds in the Sniffle Revolution to make healthcare faster, efficient, and more accessible! The Sniffle Revolution is ready to bring back doctor home visits and make healthcare more personal, for both the patient and doctor.