Why patients prefer Sniffle: A look into today’s patients.

Get the kids ready for school, walk the dog, drive 30 minutes to work, prepare for the pitch, nail the pitch, start feeling sick, schedule a last-minute appointment at the doctor, drive to the doctor, wait 30 minutes in the waiting room, fill out the paperwork, see the doctor for 10 minutes, get medicine, drive to pick up the kids from school, drive home, prepare dinner, help the kids with homework, start working from home after the kids go to bed, get ready for bed, sleep, wake up…and repeat.  

It’s fair to say that most of your patients lead busy lives. When they leave your office, they become someone’s mom, someone’s boss, someone’s employee, someone’s soccer coach, someone’s financial advisor, and the list goes on! These busy schedules barely allow patients to breath, yet we expect them to take hours out of their day to visit the doctor’s office. The truth is, many of your patients will avoid going to your practice and just let a sickness run its course. Ignoring symptoms can complicate simple illnesses and make them contagious to those around them.

In a perfect world, patients would not have to choose whether to continue with their daily activities or visit the doctor’s office. Well, doc, we’re getting a little closer to “a perfect world” with Sniffle. Do patients really want to visit the doctor’s office for simple, routine things like cough, pink eye, or a urinary tract infection? No, they don’t!

Let’s take Robert* for example…

Robert is a 30-year old personal accountant from Wisconsin. The quarter is closing and Robert is on a strict timeline to finish all his clients’ taxes. One morning, Robert wakes up, looks in the mirror and staring back at him is a big, giant, you guessed it, pink eye! Robert really doesn’t have time to wait hours in a doctor’s office just to get a prescription for his pink eye. Robert is also very smart and knows that he can’t just ignore his pink eye. So, what does Robert do? Robert Sniffles.

Times are changing and more and more patients are turning to telemedicine-type services, like Sniffle. Sniffle is making it easier for patient to get better quicker, without having to take valuable time out of their busy schedules to visit a doctor in-person. Patients are also happy because they get to choose their doctor through the app (this could be you).

Doctors (like yourself) are also preferring Sniffle. Sniffle makes it easier for doctors to see more patients, while reducing paperwork and administrative hassles (like setting-up appointments)! Sniffle bring more patients into your practice, while making the process more efficient. Doctors can set their own fees (Sniffle is free for doctors), so by seeing more patients via Sniffle, you are bringing in more money to your practice! It’s really simple to join, just click here to learn more. Next time a patient asks you, “Are you on Sniffle?” You can confidently say, yes…yes I am!

*Robert is a fictional character created to portray a very common situation.