4 ways doctors deal with an increase patient load and keep their sanity.

Congratulations! Your medical practice is growing and it seems like your schedule is always booked. Sometimes, you might wish that you could add even more hours to your day so you can treat more patients. Of course, that is not always reasonable, since doctors need their rest too! So, how do doctors deal with increased patient load AND keep their sanity at the same time? Good news – it can be accomplished!

Read our tips below to help you keep your practice running smoothly, and your sanity intact!

  1. Learn to set a realistic schedule:
    If a patient is scheduled for 9:00am, they will usually not see the doctor until 15-20 minutes after their arrival. With registration and nurse intake process, having an unrealistic schedule can set a doctor behind on their other appointments, making increased patient load unbearable. Be realistic when setting up appointments and give your patients enough time for registration and intake process. Tell your patients to come in 15 minutes before their set appointment time. This buffer time will help prevent disruptions to following appointments, helping your practice run more smoothly!
  2. Make sure your staff is prepared:
    Running an efficient medical practice is everyone’s responsibility! Huddle up with your staff in morning and go over the day’s schedule. Is there confusion about your availability? Are there last-minute cancellations? Is there an appointment that may require a certain supply or equipment? A huddle should help answer all these questions! A morning huddle can help solve any last-minute problem, as well as predict the workflow for the day.
  3. Review your patient’s charts:
    Going over a patient’s chart one day prior to the consultation gives your staff the ability to plan and gather the test results and reports that may need to be reviewed before your patient’s next consultation. This helps your staff prepare, which better manages the patient load and workflow! This also gives doctors the knowledge and reminder to follow-up on previous health-related issues to offer an enhanced patient care experience.
  4. Try using Sniffle to treat minor ailments:
    Are there patients with minor ailments – like a cough or minor infection – you could have easily treated without seeing them in person? By joining the Sniffle Movement and downloading an easy-to-use telemedicine app, you bring greater efficiency to your medical office and increase healthcare accessibility to patients. An average in-person patient visit takes 17.5 minutes versus a Sniffle consult that averages 7 minutes. That results in 8.5 Sniffle consultations an hour, as opposed to 3.5 patient visits, at the same reimbursement rate! You can finally add more hours to your day, while boosting your yearly income by about 11%. Now, that will help you keep your sanity!

There are a handful of tricks to help doctors keep their sanity, while increasing your patient load! Every day, more and more doctors are joining the MOVEMENT and offering telemedicine services in their practice. By using Sniffle, doctors not only add efficiency to their own medical practice, but also give access to patients that are in remote areas with limited primary care options. Did you know that 24 counties in Texas alone do not have access to a primary care physician? Unfortunately, similar access issues span across the United States, leaving patients with no direct medical guidance. You can make a difference by joining the MOVEMENT, while increasing your patient load and making more money. All while keeping your sanity! Download the Sniffle app today to get started.