How Sniffle puts more flexibility into your patient care routine.

First, doctors were expected to visit patients at home. Then, they were expected to have their own medical practice. Now…will doctors be expected to meet patients via telemedicine apps, like Sniffle? We believe so! We believe many of your current or potential patient base might already be using telemedicine apps. So, doc, what’s keeping you from adding Sniffle into your patient care routine?! Sniffle puts more flexibility into your patient care routine and can be a valuable tool for your medical practice.

How can Sniffle help your medical practice?

1. Increase the number of patients you see – Sniffle increases the efficiency of doctor’s practices by allowing them see more patients for common ailments while decrease time spent on paperwork through our streamlined automations. Since you’re able to take care of the common ailments over Sniffle, you’ll have even more time to see patients who need to be seen in-clinic. This app is also a great method for new patients to find you since your profile is displayed when you’re available to take Sniffle appointments. In addition to seeing more patients, Sniffle can bring an increase in revenue to your medical practice since you set your own prices for your virtual appointments.

2. Reduce your chance of cancellations – Sometimes, life (work, transportation, kids) does not allow a patient to show up to their doctor’s appointment. Cancellations can deeply affect the revenue of your medical practice. By meeting with patients via Sniffle, patients can easily speak to their doctors and not worry about “life” getting in the way. By doing so, doctors can worry less about how a last-minute cancellation will affect revenue!

3. Keep up with your patients – With Sniffle, it’s easy follow-up with a patient. This improves patient care outcome and ensures your patients stay healthy! Bonus point: since a telemedicine follow-up is viewed as an appointment, your practice will be compensated as opposed to a traditional phone follow-up.

4. Improve relationships with current patients – There’s a good chance your current patients are already turning to services like Sniffle for minor medical conditions, like allergies or an upset stomach. When your patients can’t find your listing on Sniffle, they might opt to see another physician. Keep your patients happy by giving them the convenience of booking an appointment with you via Sniffle!

5. Fair compensation for your services – Telemedicine consults are real consults and thus doctors should be compensated as such! Great thing about Sniffle is that you set your prices, and patients are responsible for paying either their co-pay immediately or they can elect to self-pay. The recent parity laws passed in the majority of states say that insurance companies must reimburse telemedicine like in-clinic visits, so if the patient decides to use insurance, your office can submit for reimbursement.

6. You can finally pick your schedule – Spending endless hours at your medical practice can take a toll on you! With Sniffle, you can take appointments anytime, anywhere. Do you want to take an appointment from home? You can! Do you want to take an appointment from your office? You can! The point is that now you can pick and choose where you want to take appointments. All you need is a smartphone, the Sniffle app, good internet connection, and your doctor-skills!

Sniffle puts more flexibility into your patient care routine! You can pick your schedule, increase your number of patients, and so much more with Sniffle. Patient care should be all about the patient! At Sniffle, we’re making sure it is by taking care of the nitty gritty of running a practice. It’s time for you to receive the hard-earned flexibility in your patient care routine. Download the app and start Snifflin’!