How Sniffle will transform the way doctors do healthcare.

At one point throughout your medical career, the following thought has probably crossed your mind.  “There has to be a way to run my medical practice more efficiently.” With all the scheduling, waiting times, and loads of paperwork, seeing just one patient at your medical practice can take hours out of your (and your staff’s) day even for colds, rashes, and simple ailments. On the flipside, your patients take hours out of their busy schedules to visit your office, even for a check-up or a common cough. It is time to face the truth: our healthcare system isn’t efficient. Shocker. Doctors are expected to welcome every patients into their office, even if the patient’s condition could have been diagnosed and treated just by talking to the patient via a phone call or virtually. Patients are expected to wait hours to be seen by a doctor, when all they need is a prescription to treat their common ailment, like allergies, pink-eye, or a minor cold. So, how do doctors and patients work together to make the healthcare system work again for both parties? That is where Sniffle, a telemedicine app, comes to the rescue!

How will Sniffle transform the way doctors do healthcare?

  1. Get time back – Did you know that an average doctor sees about 18 patients a day? In addition, an in-person patient’s office visit takes about 17.5 minutes. On the contrary, a consultation on Sniffle takes about 7 minutes. If a doctor consults on Sniffle for 30 minutes during regular business hours, they can see around 480 patients and boost annual income by at least 11%. Treating patients via Sniffle gives you time to see more patients and bring in another stream of revenue!
  2. Connect more with patients – Remember when doctor house calls were the healthcare norm? With Sniffle, we are bringing it back! Our easy-to-use telemedicine app helps make you more accessible and follow-up with existing patients, as well as meet new ones. If your patient wakes up with a nasty cold or raging UTI, they can use Sniffle to get in touch with you instead of waiting days to make the trip to your medical practice.
  3. Add flexibility and efficiency – By using Sniffle, doctors and patients have the power to take control of their schedule. By scheduling just 1 hour a day on Sniffle, so you’re giving your patients with time-sensitive minor conditions an opportunity to see you everyday while making more time for patients that need to come in. You can also Sniffle anytime you want! Have a 30-minute gap between two appointments? You can Sniffle! Watching a ballgame on Sunday night? You can Sniffle! Sniffle makes it easy and efficient for doctors and patients to meet. Patients can avoid taking time off their busy schedules to visit a doctor’s office and doctors can Sniffle whenever it fits their schedule.

Healthcare should be more delightful for both doctors and patients. The Sniffle Movement is transforming healthcare by giving the power back to doctors and patients. By joining the Sniffle Movement, you are not only improving your medical practice, but also increasing access and efficiency of healthcare in your community! What makes Sniffle different than other telemedicine services? We want to grow alongside your clinic, that is why Sniffle is absolutely free for doctors, giving you increased flexibility to spend more time with your patients. So, next time you are thinking to yourself, “I wish my medical practice ran more efficiently,” take your smartphone out and start Sniffling! The Sniffle Movement is happening now and patients are waiting to get treated virtually by doctors like you. To learn more about the Sniffle Movement and to download the app, click here.