3 healthcare technology trends transforming your interaction with patients.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, so will the way you interact with patients! Healthcare technology trends are playing a bigger role in the medical practice than ever before. It is important that doctors keep up with these healthcare technology trends to continue to offer top-notch medical services and improve patient care. With changing times, your patients’ expectations of how they interact with you and how much power they have over their own health decisions will also evolve. What are some of the biggest healthcare technology trends and how will they affect your interaction with patients? Read on to learn more about three trends that are taking root.

Patients can use the cloud to easily access their records:
The days of having your patients call you nonstop to access important test results will soon come to an end! Emerging cloud-based portals give patients the ability to review test results, giving them first-hand visibility into their care. Millennials are twice as likely than any other age group to switch to a healthcare provider that offers access to patient portals. Moreover, insurance companies are also beginning to provide their own kind portals, giving patients access to eligibility, payment, and network provider information. Do not fall behind on giving your patients cloud-based insights into their care!

New devices give patients control over their health:
It has never been easier for patients to manage their day-to-day health at home. Patients can track their weight, pulse, oxygen levels, sleep quality, fitness, and diet to enter it into their patient portal, giving real-time access to their doctors. In addition, at-home devices can now perform tests like ECGs and blood tests. By having access to these devices, patients can now prevent health problems from developing and keep their doctors in the loop. As their, having a an understanding of these devices can help your patients increases awareness over their health and keeps them healthier!

Meet with patients via telemedicine applications:
With waiting room congestion and patients having busier schedules, telemedicine is naturally becoming the preferred form of doctor-patient interaction! Now, patients can meet their doctor via a secure, HIPAA-compliant application, like Sniffle, without having to step foot in the office! Offering telemedicine to patients not only gives patients more convenience, but it also increases continuity of care as most patients visit urgent care centers and ER’s to get immediate care.  As a Sniffle doctor, you’re able to see patients anywhere in your state on the app, meaning you’re able to provide care to those living in rural areas or areas with limited access to physicians.  Telemedicine also helps doctors treat more patients (8.5 Sniffle visits an hour vs. 3.5 in-person visits), while bringing another stream of income into their practice. Overall , telemedicine gives patients higher accessibility to quality care and bringing greater efficiency to the healthcare landscape in general!

Technology is all around us and transforming the way you interact with patients! Younger patients, like Millennials, are ready to adopt these technologies into their everyday routine. Did you know that many millennials only visit the doctor when they really need to, and focus on staying healthy and preventative health? It has never been easier to give your patients the benefits of these healthcare technology trends! By using Sniffle, you can treat more patients at your usual reimbursement rate, giving your patients convenience and bringing greater revenue for your practice. Start adopting healthcare technology trends today by downloading the Sniffle app!