3 ways to keep kids healthy this summer season!

School might be out, but your parental duties are still in session! Summertime brings fun activities, like going to the beach or playing sports. This hot season also invites bruises, sunburns, and bug bites! As your kids are rushing out the door to catch up with friends, make sure to review the ways you can help keep kids healthy and make summertime more enjoyable for your kids!

The sun is not always your ally
Being exposed to direct sunlight for long hours can bring heat-related illnesses, like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, sunburns, and heat rashes. Young children under the age of four are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. The best defense to keep kids healthy is prevention!

  • Dress kids in light clothes
  • Avoid going outdoors during prime sunlight hours
  • Never leave children unattended, especially in enclosed spaces like cars

Long-term sun exposure can also heighten your child’s probability of skin cancer in the future. Make sure to generously apply sunscreen (SPF 15 or greater and UVA & UVB protection) on your child every couple of hours! If you are spending the day outside (beach day, park outing, etc.) bring umbrellas and hats to provide shade!

Say NO to bugs
You want to keep kids healthy and active, but do you want them to bring home ”friendly” critters (or the diseases they carry)? Probably not! Make sure to spray your child with bug spray before leaving the house and check for small critters, like ticks, as soon as they return! Ticks are carriers of Lyme disease and like to transmit this disease when they bite! Make your backyard tick-free by:

  • Trimming tall grass and mowing frequently
  • Discourage animals from entering your yard by putting up fences
  • Keeping your backyard clean (remove old furniture, remove litter, etc.)
  • Apply pesticide (check your local regulations beforehand)

If a tick is attached to your child’s skin, fear not, ticks are easy to remove! The trick is to remove a tick are soon as you spot it by using a pair of tweezers.

  • Grasp the tick with your tweezers as close as possible to your child’s skin
  • Pull the tick upward with the tweezers away from your child’s skin (make sure to do a smooth movement to keep the tick wholesome)
  • Clean the bite with rubbing alcohol and water
  • Dispose of the tick by flushing it down the toilet or putting it in alcohol
  • If you child develops a rash or fever within weeks of the bite, call the doctor and let them know about the tick bite

Prevent Water-Related Injuries
Being in the water is a ritual of summer, but suffering from water-related injuries does not have to be! To keep kids healthy and safe, make sure to watch your children (especially children under the age of 5) closely if they are near the water. Ways to prevent children from accidental drownings:

  • Teach children to swim starting at a young age
  • Keep your pool area gated
  • Provide your children with floaties
  • Always have an adult supervising a child while they are near the water
  • Learn CPR in case of an emergency

Summer is in full swing and encouraging your kids to play outdoors is a great way to keep them active. With a little precaution, kids can have a great summer, while also staying healthy! If your child comes home one day with a tummy ache or a cold (see list of all conditions), find a doctor of your choice through Sniffle and they will see and treat your child all through the app! This makes it easier for your child to stay in bed and get better faster, so they can enjoy summertime once again!