FAQs for Patients

What is Sniffle?

Sniffle is a free mobile app that provides virtual doctor visits via secure video conferencing and messaging technology.

How does Sniffle work?

Using Sniffle is easy. Just download the free app, find your physician, and schedule an appointment. Your doctor will contact you at the scheduled time. Unlike a traditional in-office visit, you don’t need to physically visit your doctor’s office. Instead, your consultation will be conducted over your mobile phone or tablet, using secure video conferencing and messaging.

How much does a Sniffle visit cost?

Your doctor sets the cost of your virtual visit, and your doctor’s office will bill you directly for the appointment. Most insurance carriers will reimburse patients for video appointments at the same rate as on-site doctor visits. The Sniffle app is free to download and costs just $10 per office visit to use, paid through the Sniffle app.

I can’t find my doctor on Sniffle. Can you help?

Sure. Click here to invite your doctor to join Sniffle. It’s free and only takes a few moments.

My doctor isn’t available today. Can I see another doctor?

Yes. Tap “first available” to find a Sniffle-approved doctor and get seen faster.

How can a doctor take my vital signs during a virtual visit?

There are many free tools, monitors, and apps that both you and your doctor can use to measure your blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs—and most are seamlessly integrated with smartphones, making them even easier to use with Sniffle.

What health conditions can I use Sniffle for?

Sniffle is ideal for routine conditions your doctor can treat without requiring an in-office visit. Conditions we treat include cold and flu, stomachache, allergies, sinus infections, rashes and skin conditions, migraines, bladder infections, urinary tract infections, cough, fever, sore throat, diarrhea, pinkeye, upper respiratory issues, bronchitis, and insomnia. Click here for more information about the conditions we treat. Ask your doctor’s office before you schedule the appointment.

Are physical office visits better than virtual visits?

Not necessarily. A recent study indicates that 70% of in-office doctor visits could have been treated as effectively without requiring an in-office visit. This is especially true for patients with general, minor conditions and/or infectious illnesses that could spread to other patients.

Is Sniffle legal?

Of course. Sniffle is , and is a secure, safe platform. In most states, video doctor visits aren’t just legal—the law actually requires that insurance carriers cover them at the same rate as in-office visits.

Will the Sniffle app work on my phone?

Yes, as long as it’s a smartphone. Sniffle works on all iPhones and Android phones. Contact us if you’re having any technical issues, and we’ll do our best to help.

When can I schedule my appointment?

Whenever your doctor is available. If your doctor has weekend or evening hours, you may be able to schedule an appointment then. If not—well, we’ll let you talk to your doctor about that.

I have a medical emergency. Can I Sniffle it?

No. Sniffle does not provide emergency care, but we do care about you—so if you have a medical emergency, please close the Sniffle app and call 911 immediately.