FAQs for Patients

What is Sniffle?

Sniffle is a whole new way your physicians are now treating patients. It’s a mobile app used by physicians to visit with and treat patients that have non-emergency medical needs. The app is free to access and the physicians treatments are real, just like in the office with prescriptions and everything! You can see a physician of your choice through a secure video chat, including your own PCP.  If your physician isn’t on Sniffle yet, invite them to join the movement! After all it’s free.  Gone are the days of the old school visits with crowded, sickly waiting room just for your minor medical issues.

How does Sniffle work?

Using Sniffle is easy. Just download the free app, find your selected physician, and schedule an appointment. Your doctor will contact you at the scheduled time. Unlike a traditional in-office visit, you don’t need to physically visit your doctor’s office. Instead, your consultation will be conducted over your mobile phone or tablet, using secure video conferencing and messaging.

How much does a Sniffle visit cost?

The app is free to download, and you only pay when you schedule a visit with your doctor. No memberships or subscriptions! To book and hold a physician appointment, you will only need to pay a $10 fee at the time of booking to reserve your appointment. Your doctor sets the cost of your virtual visit and will let you know the cost when you’re booking the appointment, usually between $50 – $100.  There’s no hidden costs, just straight-forward, convenient care. Even better, more and more insurance providers are covering Sniffle visits, so the cost could be even less at just the $10 booking fee and your co-pay.  We will verify your insurance when you create your Sniffle profile, so you’ll know what may be covered and what your estimated co-pay will be.

I can’t find my doctor on Sniffle. Can you help?

Sure. Click here to invite your doctor to join Sniffle. It’s free and only takes a few moments.

My doctor isn’t available today. Can I see another doctor?

Yes of course! You can see all the doctors available in your state for Sniffle appointments. Simply book an appointment with the doctor of your choice, and you can start feeling better.

What can physicians treat using the Sniffle app?

Sniffle is ideal for routine conditions your doctor can treat without requiring an in-office visit. Conditions we treat include cold and flu, stomachache, allergies, sinus infections, rashes and skin conditions, migraines, bladder infections, urinary tract infections, cough, fever, sore throat, diarrhea, pinkeye, upper respiratory issues, bronchitis, and insomnia. Click here for a list of common non-emergency conditions that your doctor can treat on Sniffle.

Are physical office visits better than virtual visits?

Not necessarily. A recent study indicates that 70% of in-office doctor visits could have been treated as effectively without requiring an in-office visit. This is especially true for patients with general, minor conditions and/or infectious illnesses that could spread to other patients. Click here for the list of conditions that your doctor can treat on a Sniffle virtual visit.

Why do physicians prefer to use Sniffle?

Your doctor wants to be there for you when you need them, and they know that clinic waiting times are outrageous, especially if your medical condition can be treated via Sniffle (flus, rashes, allergies, UTI’s etc). By using Sniffle to see your doctor, you can see them at a time and place that’s convenient for you without having to go to expensive emergency rooms or urgent care centers.  Additionally, physicians can now see patients who are further away from the clinic, allowing for greater accessibility to care.

Will the Sniffle app work on my phone?

Yes, as long as it’s an iPhone… for now.  You can download the Sniffle app in the Apple App Store, and we will be available in Google Play soon.

When can I schedule my appointment?

You can schedule an appointment whenever a doctor is available. You can always see a doctor of your choice. If your PCP isn’t available at a time that you want (ex: Sunday at 3pm) then you’re able to book an appointment with any doctor that’s available at that time. If there’s a doctor available in your state, you can book an appointment.

I have a medical emergency. Can I Sniffle it?

No. Sniffle does not provide emergency care, but we do care about you—so if you have a medical emergency, please close the Sniffle app and call 911 immediately.