FAQs for Doctors

What is Sniffle?

Sniffle is a free mobile app that provides virtual doctor visits via secure video conferencing and messaging technology.

How will patients find me?

When you sign up for Sniffle, you will receive free marketing support to share your new virtual visit service with your patient base. You’ll get an email to send to all your patients, containing a link to download Sniffle for free. When patients download our app through the link, you will automataically be listed as their PTP (primary telemedicine provider). Your patients will also get a coupon code for one free Sniffle fee for themselves, and one for a friend. It’s a win-win-win. You may also choose to see new patients via Sniffle. When patients look for doctors using the Sniffle app, they can find your information, read your bio, and even schedule a virtual appointment in just a few taps.

What equipment do I need to conduct a Sniffle visit?

Not much. You can Sniffle a patient using any smartphone or tablet with a camera, an internet connection, and the free Sniffle app. If possible, use a stand for your phone or tablet during your appointment, for a stable view.

How do I conduct a physical exam remotely?

You can do almost everything with a Sniffle visit as you can with an on-site visit: visually assess your patient, including observation of injuries, skin condition and coloration, respiratory rate, gait, mood, and more. Ask a patient to assist you in physical exams by following your instructions, such as assessing ROM, palpitating tender areas, and conducting self-exams. For many conditions, providers have found video visits to be just as effective as on-site visits in helping them make diagnoses.

Where can I take a video appointment?

Anywhere you like (within reason), as long as it’s private. To ensure patient privacy, you may not conduct an appointment with another person in the room, and closing the door is recommended. Non-distracting backdrops that are clear of clutter and books, such as an office or against a lightcolored wall, work best. Many Sniffle doctors conduct virtual visits from their office at work, or from a home office, for a more professional experience.

What type of training does Sniffle offer?

When you download Sniffle and register as a provider, you can access our quick, easy mobile training from any smartphone or mobile device. We think you’ll find it’s pretty simple to use. Of course, you can always reach out to us directly if you have questions or prefer one-on-one training. We love working with doctors.

How much will I get paid?

Unlike other telehealth providers, Sniffle lets you set your own price per visit. Most insurance providers now cover virtual visits at the same price as on-site visits. Sniffle charges patients a low $10 Sniffle fee for each visit, and is free for doctors to use.

How will I get paid?

Sniffle can be integrated with your practice’s scheduling and payment programs, so nothing changes about the way you receive payments. Patients do pay a $10 Sniffle fee through the app, but they are billed for their doctor visit from your office.

Is there any cost for doctors to use Sniffle?

No. We know it’s hard to believe, but Sniffle is really free for doctors!

How does documentation work with a video visit?

You can securely document notes via the Sniffle platform, and access a full library of CPT codes and billable ICD10 codes. Sniffle also supports secure messaging, patient education, e-prescribing, and sick slips. If you need to document during your visit, simply let your patient know that you’re taking a moment to look up details or locate a prescription.

How do I prescribe?

With Sniffle, you can e-prescribe and manage medications with SureScripts integration, including a full formulary*, prescriptions, and geolocation pharmacy selection. A video connection is required in order to write prescriptions.

What can I prescribe?

You can prescribe a variety of medications after your credentials and information have been verified by Sniffle. The medications below cannot be prescribed via Sniffle:

• Controlled substances (narcotics, anxiety medications, ADHD medications)
• Muscle relaxants
• Medications for erectile dysfunction
• Any statespec

Who is eligible to join Sniffle?

Any credentialed and verified doctor can join Sniffle. Become a Sniffle doctor now.

How much time do I need to commit?

It’s up to you. With Sniffle, you get the benefit of setting your own schedule. Just enter your availability, and accept as many or as few appointments as you like.

How does my state licensure work when practicing through telehealth?

You can see any patient who lives in a state where you hold an active, unrestricted license.

Who covers my malpractice insurance for Sniffle visits?

Since Sniffle is an open healthcare platform that is free to doctors, your Sniffle visits will
be covered by your existing malpractice insurance.