FAQs for Doctors

What is Sniffle?

Sniffle is a world-class telemedicine mobile app made available to both patients and physicians nationwide at no charge.  This platform was created by physicians for physicians and clinics to deploy in their practices at absolutely no cost (no software licensing subscriptions or memberships, truly free), allowing patients to connect with physicians when they need care. Through the use of our Sniffle app, we empower providers and patients to help change healthcare, making it more accessible, efficient, and continuous.

Why should I use Sniffle?

Your patients need you to use Sniffle. As consumers increasingly become aware of the convenience of telemedicine, it has quickly become an obligation that also presents a significant new opportunity for your practice. As caregivers, we all want to use tools that make available the best and most effective care possible. Now is the time with our connectivity and convenience through smartphones.  By using Sniffle, you’re able to see more patients and take part in the movement to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and continuous.  Sniffle differs from other telemedicine platforms in that you can remain independent of 3rd party firms like Teladoc or expensive, contractual software commitments. There’s no cost for you to see patients on Sniffle and there’s no contracts or commitments.  Use Sniffle when it works for you, and stop when it doesn’t.

How will patients find me?

They’re already looking for you online and we’ll make sure they’ll find you! When you sign up for Sniffle, not only will you have access to our platform free of charge, you will also immediately receive free marketing support that will let your current patients and the general public across your entire state know that they can now download Sniffle to schedule a telemedicine visit with your practice.  The marketing toolkit includes an email to send to all your patients, containing a link to download Sniffle for free. This automatically makes you their PTP (primary telemedicine provider). You may also choose to see new patients via Sniffle. When patients look for doctors using the Sniffle app, they can find your information, read your bio, and even schedule a virtual appointment in just a few taps.

What’s the cost to use Sniffle to see patients?

Nothing. Nada. Really. Sniffle aims to make healthcare better by improving the efficiency of your practice and allowing you to see more patients when they need you! We were built by physicians for providers, so we’re giving it to you at no cost. Also, we’ve made it intuitive to use so it integrates right into your clinical workflow.

What equipment do I need to conduct a Sniffle visit?

Just yourself and your phone. You can Sniffle a patient using your iPhone, an internet connection, and the free Sniffle app. We’re working on building an app for Android, web, and tablets.

Where can I conduct my Sniffle video appointment?

Anywhere you like (within reason), as long as it’s private. To ensure patient privacy, you may not conduct an appointment with another person in the room, and closing the door is recommended. Non-distracting backdrops that are clear of clutter and books, such as an office or against a light-colored wall, work best. Many Sniffle doctors conduct virtual visits from their office at work, or from a home office, for a more professional experience. We can even send you a Sniffle green screen to clip onto any chair, so you can see patients when you’re secretly at the beach 🙂

What type of training does Sniffle offer?

When you download Sniffle’s provider app, the app will walk you through an easy one-time setup for your telemedicine practice with sequential steps including your payment info, availability, and insurance accepted. Don’t worry if you don’t know some of these items off the top of your head, you can skip and enter the info anytime before taking an actual consult.  A Sniffle support team member will be happy to do an orientation/practice consult with you before taking an actual patient.  We’ve worked hard to make it easy and intuitive, but of course, you can always reach out to us directly if you have questions or prefer one-on-one training.

How will I get paid or reimbursed?

You’ll get paid directly from the patient usually within 48 hours and directly by your payers during your normal cycles. Sniffle sends all payments directly to your account.   You can also create a separate account just for Sniffle accounts for each physician that signs up with Sniffle. Where you get paid is completely up to your practice! 🙂 A Sniffle virtual visit with a patient is as effective as an in-office visit for most common minor ailments, so they should be paid the same according to CMS. As caregivers, you are free to charge what you feel is appropriate or required by your payer contracts. If your patient chooses to use their insurance, the Sniffle app will have automatically checked eligibility and provided both you and the patient with an estimate of co-pay prior to the visit. After the visit, you will be paid the appropriate co-pay or cash pay which is deposited right into your bank account. The Sniffle app will also generate the proper note and billing data for you to submit to your payers and store in your billing system. The best part! Payments go directly to your account usually within 24 hours. Sniffle will automatically enable you to accept most major credit cards immediately through the app with the funds going directly to your account, not ours.

Does the Sniffle app store and support all necessary documentation?

Yes. A fully compliant, in-app EHR with dynamic charting and coding comes built in. You can choose to use the Sniffle chart by itself or export the Sniffle-specific patient chart and history to your own EHR as an image or CSV file.  We make it easy for you 🙂 Just so you know, Sniffle maintains and stores all patient data and history in a HIPAA compliant environment indefinitely.

Can I prescribe medication?

Yes. The Sniffle app is already certified by Surescripts and is ready for you register and begin e-prescribing.  We’ve included geo-location pharmacy lookup as well as built-in safeguards to prevent prescribing controlled substances. We have your back, so feel free to ask your licensed clinicians to participate in treating patients on Sniffle!

What can I prescribe?

You can prescribe a variety of medications after your credentials and information have been verified by Surescripts and Sniffle. Generally speaking, you may not prescribe any DEA Controlled Substances. This link contains a list of drugs that may not be prescribed via Sniffle: DEA List of Controlled Substances.

Who can use the Sniffle app as a caregiver?

Any licensed physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant can register to see patients on Sniffle. Once verified and registered with Surescripts, your telemedicine practice is open and can typically be ready to see patients within 24 hours. Depending on the state, nurse practitioners and physician assistants may need to practice under a physician’s license on Sniffle.

How much time do I need to commit?

Simple. It’s up to you. 🙂  Sniffle is the telemedicine extension of YOUR practice, so you set your own schedule.  You always have the option to set availability to “available now” so anyone in your state can see you’re ready to take an appointment OR set up your own schedule (including recurring schedules). We recommend you block off an hour or more for Sniffle visits, so you’re available to see patients when they need you. Ex: Monday through Friday from 3-4pm.

How does my state licensure work when practicing through telehealth?

You can see any patient who is physically located in a state where you hold an active unrestricted license. However as a physician, you are free to practice from anywhere. This means you can make yourself available to treat patients in yours states of licensure even when you are traveling in other states or countries!

Who covers my malpractice insurance for Sniffle visits?

Most medical malpractice policies today have recognized telemedicine and have included a provision in your policy. You should check with your carrier or employer to make sure you are covered.